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Professionals Who Take Themselves Too Seriously

People in Religious Positions

Remember that CL comment I mentioned earlier? I’m going to go ahead and drop that now.

I’ll simply say… key players of BOTH can have a bit of a god complex at any given moment…


I think there can DEFINITELY be something to this one. Being Christian, I do feel some kind of way when people guiding a flock forget that they are, themselves, people. I have seen some amazing pastors, and I have visited some congregations that I never plan to go back to because of the relationship I see between the person delivering the sermon – the pulpit – and the people they’re delivering the message to.

A preacher in silhouette is standing at his pulpit with his arms outspread

You get the sense that some may view themselves AS the pulpit itself and that others may view them as such. I tend to shirk away from things once I get the vibe of that dynamic.

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