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Professionals Who Take Themselves Too Seriously


It seems like it’s a profession where there’s limited consequence for doing your job badly (I.e being inaccurate.)


I partially agree with this one, because I think it depends on where you work, right?

If we’re talking people at less reputable news outlets (I’m not naming anyone), then yes — I think those people take their infotainment WAAAAAY too seriously and treat opinion as fact, etc.

But, actual investigative journalists who follow proper procedures and verify sources, etc. I am actually here for it so long as they’re ensuring their accuracy.

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If you are presenting “news” (in quotes) yes — don’t be so serious about things overly informed by opinion vs. fact. Most people reading don’t take you that seriously these days BECAUSE of how far away from factual information News seems to have gotten overall. Just do your job well, and stick to the virtues therein.

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