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Professionals Who Take Themselves Too Seriously


This was the only one mentioned twice in the responses.

While talking about this one and another on FB, one respondent said…

These professions have important roles in society, but it seems like so many people in those roles get enamored with the prestige and power OF those positions that the[y] are pulled away from the core purpose of those positions, service to the community, to try and maintain that power and prestige instead.


While another stated simply…

[N]o explanation needed.


And I get it. I feel like I don’t need to elaborate too much on why I get it (especially lately). I have only come across this type of officer once in my entire life…

Every other cop has been civil at best, cold at standard, and overly assertive at worst (putting it lightly).

I know that some officers truly are kind and respectful strong servants of their communities and get to know those they are assigned to, and I salute those individuals. I really do. But the rest of you — lighten up (when your life is at risk – totally different story, I get that).

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