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Professionals Who Take Themselves Too Seriously


I have mixed opinions on this one based on the level of school a person is teaching – LOL!

My heart goes out to teachers, dealing with people’s kids all day, but yeah – this was the comment on FB that brought this one into the fold…

There seems to be a tendency to assign someone inherent virtue just because they’re a teacher. However teachers are a group like anyone else, some are exceptional and make positive impacts on kids’ lives, some are average, and some are bottom of the barrel. Just like any other profession.


I can’t argue with this. In fact, I think it’s true that people automatically uplift teachers as a group by nature of what they do.

I don’t know the rigors of this profession. I can imagine it’s tiring (especially for the pay). I’ve mentored teenagers (which I prefer vs. younger kids), but that’s about it. I don’t know if teaching ABCs and manners is as trying as attempting to keep teenagers engaged in the day’s lesson, subject matter, and themes.

School teachers gather in a small school office for a chat. They look serious. A woman and three men group together. The woman holds her hand to her head.

That said, I do agree with Tom’s point that there are good teachers and bad teachers just like any other job. But I also recognize that teaching, depending on where you are, can either be truly rewarding or soul-sucking.

What I WILL say is that if you don’t enjoy teaching. Stop teaching. You are doing NO ONE any favors by staying in that job if you hate it. Not you. Not the kids. Not the community. Not the future.

My two cents.

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