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Professionals Who Take Themselves Too Seriously


I have never bought a home, but I’ll just let the comment ride into the sunset on this one…

The education requirements are minimal, they unlock doors to houses I already found, etc. More importantly, while they pride themselves in upholding ethical standards, many of the transaction constructs are FULL of conflicts of interest. A “buyer’s agent” is incentivised to get a buyer to spend/pay as much as possible, not negotiate down as much as possible. There are many ways to still be in both sides of a transaction. Our selling agent represented the buyers I FOUND in the sale of their house, and had the nerve to claim she could compartmentalize and didn’t care about money. There are plenty of fine Realtors, but the system also enables the turds.


From the stories that I’ve heard… Yeah.

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Apologies to my friends in the field, but you have some out there making you all look bad. Sounds like it’s a case of “full-disclosure is key” happening here. Stay humble & sociable, I guess.

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