An image of Meechdoodle standing next to a George + Loyse sign for their new collaboration.
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The Monthly Kick In: “Stay Tooned”

The last time I did one of these was in April/May because I went into full-savings mode for an upcoming move. But, I wanted to pop back in this month with the Stay Tooned collaboration between Meechdoodle (and artist I respect) and George + Loyse (an artisan brand cool kids know). Support. Support. Support!

Why This One?

Meechdoodle is a Black Creator who has been featured in Image Comics and created quite a rep for himself through his social media following (check out his Instagram link in the opening paragraph). I know Meech from my hometown and a group of shared friends/acquaintances, and his work is pretty amazing. So, I felt like this one was worthy of highlighting.

George + Loyse was wise enough to recognize his talents and have teamed up with the creative virtuoso (seriously, check out his Instagram feed) to offer up a curated collection of small prints of some of his signature fan art.

A screenshot of the collaborative project between Meechdoodle and George +Loyse.

There’s nothing much to it beyond that.

I normally spotlight screencaps of the site, but they kept this one simple (which is very on-brand for G+L).

Instead, I’m just going to be stupid and post random self-portraits of Meech to make him chuckle when he sees this. Support & buy the merch above while supplies last. I’m going to do a small giveaway to some friends on Facebook (not funded by Meech or G+L — again, this is genuine support from my end).

If I Had to Describe Meechdoodle

You want to know a little bit about the companies and people I kick out here to support, right? Well, since this one is all about Meech – let me tell you a bit that I know about him from our interactions.

Meech pays attention.

A self-portrait of Meechdoodle poking a tv screen from inside it.  Breaking the 4th wall.

The man can’t help it, he’s an artist. In the question of, “Does art imitate life or vice versa?” – I’d have to say it’s a blend for him from my external perspective because, based on his output, he’s constantly working and sharpening his skills. It’s been a little while since the opening paragraph, so I’ll link to it again — go to his Instagram page to see the work he puts out on a very frequent (near-daily) basis.

Where he finds the time to craft masterpieces like the Sha’Carri Richardson fan art that blew up, of the MF Doom homage that I featured on this site in the past – I don’t know. But wherever he’s finding the Herculean reserves of energy…

A self-portrait of Meech drinking coffee in celebration of his birthday and hard work.

…to keep up with Pop & Nerd/Blerd Culture, be a great father and loving husband — he needs to bottle that and sell it. The dude could probably get a crap ton of followers as a Creative Lifestyle coach or something.

An excited Meech looking at his growing follower count.

(That’s an old photo above, his follower count is MUCH higher than that 6K displayed in the image now due to his hard work, consistency, and creative bravery)

Anyway, does he let any of this go to his head?

A self-portrait of Meechdoodle wearing a mask during COVID times with Nah on his shirt.

He stays humble and keeps grinding. I think that’s one of the reasons why people love him, and it’s definitely a huge reason I respect his craft.

Real recognize real & Meech is REALLY inspiring.

And YOU can take home a piece of that energy and time-crafted talent by showing your support and kicking in this time around. Helping something beautiful flourish in the world is a wonderful feeling.

And that’s all I have on this brief one today.

Support. Support. Support!

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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– All Images © Meechdoodle (screenshot from George + Loyse featuring Meechdoodle artwork)

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