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10 Random Benefits of Being a Square

Last week, I asked a few friends who I thought were pretty interesting if they think they’re interesting. They both quickly said “No”. I was shocked! Granted, maybe interesting people don’t feel like they are, or maybe they’re humble downplay it — who knows? But it got me thinking, “If they’re Square — Squares must be cool.”

Haha – at least this is what I like to tell myself since I hang with them and they’re doing pretty ok in life. Either way, here’s a list of 10 things that I think are legit benefits of being a Square.

But first…

What is a Square?

People hear the term from time to time still (I honestly don’t use it, but I know what it is – and given the subject matter of this post, the term fits), but I want to make sure we are all working from one root definition or set of definitions on this one.

As I am saying it in this writing – I am using it in accordance with the first and second definitions from Urban Dictionary

A screenshot of the definition of the term Square from Urban Dictionary.

Now we all know exactly what I mean when I say “Square”.

The fun thing about this definition is that it’s all subjective and uses words that will definitely change depending on the user. That said, a Square has never meant anything derogatory to me (likely, because I am one & I own it). It just means that you have your shit together. Seriously – that’s all that it means to me – LOL!

You may not check all of the boxes on this list of benefits, but if you’re a Square – you probably check most of them. This list isn’t all-inclusive or presented in any order, so let’s hop to.

#1 – You Don’t Feel a Need to Prove Yourself

One trait that I see in my friends who many would deem Square is that they don’t try to keep up with the Joneses. They go through their days calm and in their own way and aren’t trying to get the newest “this” or the most popular “that”. They don’t need to be flashy and they’re (at least seem more) comfortable with who they are. They may want things at various points, but it doesn’t define them at all because they aren’t out to prove anything to anyone.

#2 – You Find Happiness in Little Things

I have friends whose day gets made by just sitting and playing Sudoku. I have friends who can just play video games (even one who plays The Sims). Some are just happy watching their favorite show or reading a book. Some just want to hold their kid and that’s bliss for them. If these sounds “basic” and simple, that’s the point! They are content with life’s small pleasures and they know the beauty of that in ways others don’t.

The young happy couple is moving into a new house. They are hugging their little puppy after bringing boxes with things to their new home.

#3 – You Know Stability

All of the Squares I know are gainfully employed. They have homes and send their kids to nice things and ride good cars and pay their taxes and know they’re going to eat and can pay bills and take family vacations, etc., etc., etc. I will never forget when I saw this video where a lady was saying she didn’t want a guy with a 9 to 5. While I’m sure this view may be ok in some circles, you would NEVER hear a Square say anything like that because “stability” and “consistency” make sense to them. It is a desirable trait.

#4 – You Feel Respectable

It might not be the most thrilling adventurous lifestyle day-to-day, but (as the definition above says) you feel a sense of being “Proper, decent, straightforward, acceptable, even.” Why wouldn’t you want that? I summarize all of that by just saying you feel respectable. Who wouldn’t want that?? Again, this is all subjective – so maybe some completely disagree with the values of society, but Squares tend to fall right in line with them.

#5 – You Have a Tribe

One thing you can for sure say about Squares is that they fit in. They can always go somewhere and be VERY likely to find others like them. It is a key part of what makes them bland in the eyes of some people. I feel like the more modern equivalent is “Basic“, but I think being a Square goes beyond that.

Friends on a men's evening having a beer in a pub or bar.

#6 – You Value “Better Safe Than Sorry”

Squares aren’t risky people. They will take a calculated risk with a certain threshold of reliability (e.g. a Square will definitely invest), but they may not want to jump out of a plane every day. You might find yourself willing to take a longer-term route that’s safer and more well-trodden than taking a quick way to anything because you know shortcuts can be dicey and come back to bite you in the ass later. Squares understand the importance of minimizing that in their life.

#7 – You Roll With The Punches

Squares inherently know…

Life won’t always work out how you want, and you roll with that. Others may not accept that and always fight against the tide, but Squares find a certain peace in accepting what they can’t change and moving on to put their energy into something more fruitful.

#8 – You Have Attainable Desires

This is semi-tied to being happy with the little things, and it makes sense when you think about it. Since Squares are a little more practical, most of the things they want are pretty achievable. That’s not a dig – it’s just a fact that I’ve observed based on myself and my friends. We are simple folk.

#9 – You Aren’t Jaded

If your day-to-day is pretty monotonous – when something exciting happens, you appreciate it! You may get bored every now and then, but when something out of the ordinary happens – good or bad – Squares have a way of appreciating it for its sheer eventfulness.

#10 – You Can Sleep Peacefully

I can’t stress this enough: Squares know peace. At the end of the day, they settle in a little better than those who may not want to roll the way they do. You can get used to anything. Having a nice reliable job, a loving family, financial security, typical interests, hobbies, etc. may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world – but it’s far from the worst. Squares naturally know this and come to terms with it to have a good restful existence if they can help it.

Happy lesbian couple asleep on the couch

I want to stress the fact that everyone doesn’t start off a Square, but some settle into it faster than others. It also seems like everyone is TRYING to get there in some form or fashion. You may go through a life of a bit more ups and downs. You may pursue more gargantuan views (so to speak), but when it comes down to it – I feel like we all end up wanting the same core things at the end of the day.

Squares can be very interesting people, even if they don’t feel like they are. And don’t forget that a Square in one place may be the most interesting person in the room somewhere else. As I said, it’s all subjective and that’s the funniest thing about the whole situation.

Curious if anyone thinks I missed anything? If so, share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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