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101 Things Life Is Too Short For…

The average U.S. Black Male’s life expectancy at birth is about 72 years. Seventy-two years! I have looked down the barrel of that number ever since I became aware of it a few years ago. So, I told myself that life is just too short for some things. Here is a list of stuff I have no interest in being or doing because LIFE IS SHORT.

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Life Is Too Short For…

  1. Holding a Grudge
  2. Feeling Guilty
  3. Being Jealous
  4. Not Doing What YOU Want to Do
  5. Not Loving Who YOU Want to Love
  6. Living in Fear
  7. Staying in the Same Place
  8. Not Exploring
  9. Being a Lazy Good for Nothing
  10. Being Stubborn
  11. Not Learning
  12. Hating Anyone
  13. Never Seeking Peace
  14. Staying in Debt
  15. Wasting Time
  16. Not Being Honest with Yourself
  17. Not Being Honest with Someone You Love
  18. Being Cowardly
  19. Living with Regret(s) and Shame
  20. Counting Calories
  21. Living a Sedentary Lifestyle
  22. Refusing to Ask for Help
  23. Spreading Lies
  24. Being a Shitty Person
  25. Not Taking Any Risks
  26. Not Dreaming Big
  27. Blaming Someone Else
  28. Never Learning the Hard Lessons
  29. Never Discussing the Hard Topics
  30. Never Thinking About Your Character
  31. Not Questioning Almost Everything
  32. Waiting on the Perfect Timing
  33. Trying to Please Everyone
  34. Keeping Negative Energy in Your Life
  35. Ignoring What Matters Most
  36. Working All Day
  37. Being Overly Serious
  38. Not Caring About Anything
  39. Not Caring About Anyone
  40. Only Living For Yourself
  41. Refusing to Grow
  42. Always Needing to Be Right
  43. Only Valuing Money
  44. Looking Down on Others
  45. Arguments with Family
  46. Leaving Your Fate in the Hands of Others
  47. Never Reading
  48. Only Hearing What You Want to Hear
  49. Trying to Solve Someone Else’s Problem(s)
  50. Leaving Emotional Wounds Unaddressed
  51. Not Taking One Major Trip
  52. Living by Society’s Standards
  53. Being Stuck in the Past
  54. Never Being Present
  55. Only Focusing on the Future
  56. Ignoring Your Family
  57. Not Being Kind
  58. Staying Indoors
  59. Wallowing in Sorrow
  60. Obsessing Over Others
  61. Not Pushing Your Personal Boundaries
  62. Having Faith in Nothing and No One
  63. Not Trusting Anyone or Anything
  64. Never Opening Up Emotionally
  65. Holding Back Tears
  66. Holding Back Laughter
  67. Holding Back Your Emotions
  68. Worrying About Celebrities
  69. Focusing on Someone Else’s Bank Account
  70. Not Taking Breaks
  71. Doing Things Half-Assed
  72. Never Involving Yourself In Your Community
  73. Doing Things You Hate More than Things You Love
  74. Investing Energy Into the Wrong People
  75. Never Seeing an Ocean
  76. Never Dancing (EVER)
  77. Being Ungrateful
  78. Avoiding the Silly Things
  79. Always Causing Drama
  80. Not Feeling Appreciated
  81. Not Being Able to Appreciate [Insert Whatever]
  82. Judging Others
  83. Never Writing or Drawing
  84. Never Looking Up (Literally)
  85. Feeling Depressed and Talking to No One About It
  86. Feeling Alone
  87. Staying Close-Minded
  88. Avoiding Other Cultures
  89. Feeling Less Than
  90. Not Realizing Your Beauty
  91. Being Too Hard on Yourself
  92. Only Eating Fast Food
  93. Following All of the Rules
  94. Being Bored
  95. Never Watching a Sunrise
  96. Never Climbing a Mountain (Literally or Metaphorically)
  97. Being Unfriendly
  98. Feeling Like You Need Permission
  99. Expecting Someone to Save You
  100. Pitying Yourself
  101. Ignoring Your Spirit

What’s on your list?

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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