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Taking a Break Until Mid-November 2021 (Unless…)

Hola, to the regular readers and anyone who happened across this site. What started as taking a week off from blogging back in August 2021 has morphed into something more sinister… more dreadful… Na – not really – I’m just taking a sabbatical from blog-related things until I settle into my new location. Nothing dire.

The Truth of The Matter

So, for those who may not know – my job approved my moving to a new state a while back. Since then, I’ve slowly – but surely – been making little things happen here and there.

  • I have given a number of things away.
  • I have gone to San Diego and found a new place to live.
  • I have sorted things with a moving company and bought a bunch of new furniture.
  • And I’ve been re-assessing a few things…

One of those things is my time and how I spend it when I’m just hyper-focused on certain things and right now, my focuses are working (trying to get a number of things done before I move), hanging with friends before I leave the D.C. Area, and moving.

There really isn’t much room for anything else at the moment. Even blogging and doing other things along those lines that I enjoy.

So, rather than watch the quality of my blog slip over the next couple of months as I try to split my focus and force myself to care about things in the world outside of my bubble – I’m not going to fake the funk.

I am going to step away for a bit with a promise to return bigger and badder once I’m settled into my new place. I think you all will like the more focused version of things to come (I will strategize a bit about the blog while I’m not writing, for sure) as I do plan to take blogging a lot more seriously once I move (this should be fun).

Anyway — I just wanted to make the announcement official vs. ghosting the site any longer.

What About the “Unless” in the Title?

Oh yeah, the “Unless”. So – I’ll be back in Mid-November unless I find that moving to California has some unanticipated twists and turns.

I may be bogged down in registering for certain things. I know that my taxes this year are going to be a mess (understatement) and might want to get a leg up on that before the end of the year. I may get out there and see that life is too expensive to carry on with blogging (as I currently have things arranged), so I may have to come up with a quick side-hustle to supplement my habitual creative outlet.

Who knows?

But I will be back UNLESS life dictates otherwise. In which case I’ll give everyone an update.

Until Then…

Until then — if you have anything blog-related that you want to reach out to me about, hit me up at (I don’t bite).

I really do look forward to getting back into the habit once that time comes around, and I know it’s going to be glorious(!), but my mind just isn’t HERE right now.

Everything is good. Life is amazing at the moment and I am beyond blessed (sincerely)! I just want to let my mind properly focus on the spaces it needs to right now.

See you all in a couple of months.

Peace, and thanks for reading.


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