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The Break is Over & Change is Coming!

Yo! I’m back (and SO happy to be here)! In the last post, I mentioned an “unless” when it came to me coming back in Mid-November and that exception totally happened! I hit Cali and had like 10 days to register my car, get my license, all that — so I prioritized those things over blogging! But, I’m here now, so dry your tears.

Let’s talk about some changes coming on the horizon for the remainder of 2021 as we get ready to jump into 2022.

First: What Have I Been Up To?

Well, I moved states. That’s right – I finally got all the way across the U.S. to land on the coast I’ve always dreamt of being on in the city I’ve always wanted to be in (and it’s living up to the hype for me). I’ll do a whole post (of sorts) dedicated to talking about the move, so let’s not focus on that for now.

Second: What are the Changes I Mentioned?

I mentioned some changes at the opening of this one, and I think it’s stuff that people might welcome. If you hate these things — I’m not sorry (love you, though!)…

  1. I finally know what this site is about! I plan to update the about section accordingly in the coming days. I think people will appreciate the direction I’m deciding to take the site, but we’ll see how that shakes out. For those of you who have read along here while I figured that out — “Thank you (from the bottom of my afro’d heart).”
  2. There will be a sort of new site structure for the content (in terms of navigation). Nothing that will make things too hard to find, but it’s more fitting of the overall new theme – so I’d like the site to reflect that better.
  3. Posting will now happen in the evening for most people (this one is important). I know that I used to have a habit of doing most of my posting before work, but now that I’m on the West Coast – I’m going to flip that. My work day ends at 2PM my time, which leaves me plenty of time in my day to write. Sadly, though – that’s going to put this in the evenings for most of the people I know who take the time to read this site (sorry gang). I’m sure I’ll come up with a happy posting medium (like scheduling things, having guest writers on other coasts, etc.)
  4. The YouTube Channel will be coming back! Yeah – now that I’m so far into COVID, fully vaccinated, in nicer weather — it’s time to get out and explore and share those adventures w/ the world (er… with whoever happens here or to the YouTube Channel). We’ll see how this goes, but I plan to put a little more rigor into it than before. If you aren’t subscribed to that one yet, go ahead and give it a follow. It is definitely a starter project for now, but it’ll grow with a little nurturing.
  5. Collaborations are on the horizon. I wasn’t entirely twiddling my thumbs while I was away. I have been talking to a few friends who are doing other projects and you may see some cross-promotion here and there. And lastly…
  6. I AM FOCUSED NOW. For those who don’t know me, there is a marked difference between me when I’m just dabbling and when I’m focused in on something. Everything up until now has kind of just been me playing around and dipping my toe back into the world of blogging to scratch an itch — what’s coming in this new “West Coast Phase” of my life will be a bit more intentional because, let’s be honest, I don’t have anything better to do here yet 😅 That said, I’ll be throwing a lot of extra hours into this. Who knows what that’s going to turn into — but you all have been warned.

Third: When Can You Expect These Changes?

This is a solid question.

Well — I have a Thanksgiving break from work coming up and I’m not going home for the holidays since I just moved… Sooooooo…. Yeah.

I will very likely make a number of changes to the site while no one is looking while 1) Thanksgiving happens and 2) the site is starting to pick up speed again. Somehow traffic for the site actually still exists even though there literally hasn’t been any new content here in over 2 months. Haha – go, Google!

Anyway, to those of you reading this — you’re the real MVP. I am happy to be in my happy place and happily doing something that brings me joy. I’m looking out my window right now and feeling inspired. There won’t be any posting pictures of my new place online or anything just because of personal safety (the internet is a weird place and you just shouldn’t post your location out into the world for just ANYONE to see), but rest assured – I’m zen as a puppy getting belly rubs from their favorite person right now.

Love you all. Welcome back to the madness.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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