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Review: The Terra-Glide (by Terra-Core) vs. Alternatives

Shortly after I took my break from posting on here to focus on moving, I was contacted to review the Terra-Glide workout system. I really wanted one of these – and I’d like to tell you why in this post while comparing it to some alternatives that I know of out there. This review is favorable, but it’s also honest.

What you’ll see in this post is a demo of the features of the Terra-Glide, my fair assessment of the bang for the buck, and some reasoning as to why I prefer this unit over some of the other options out there. I hope peeps find this as useful as my prior workout system & product reviews and pass it along to their friends who may be in the market for an effective ab workout solution.

I also want to say up-front that I am (as of this posting) not being paid any commission for sales of this system informed by this article or my video (below). I only received a free unit for review, so I hope no one is thinking “this dude is getting paid to say all of these nice things about the Terra-Glide.” Haha – again, as of this posting, I’m not.

UPDATE: I normally don’t seek anything for my product reviews because I want my opinion to be as unbiased as possible, but if you do want to jump into the realm of purchasing anything AND helping out this site while enjoying a discount, Terra-Glide actually made me an affiliate! You can save 25% on your purchase using the code “SOSODOPE” at checkout, and a bit will get kicked back to this site. Treat yourself!

Anywho — Let’s go!

What is the Terra-Glide?

Ok, so – first off, you may notice that I’m referring to this as a home workout system rather than a product. There’s an important distinction there to me — “workout systems” solve multiple issues and apply to more than one muscle group of your body whereas “workout products” only deal with creating a solution (or solutions) focused on one major muscle group.

The Terra-Glide becomes a system in my eyes because it’s a mash-up of a Bosu trainer, a bench, a workout step system, a medicine ball – all with the mobility of a traditional ab wheel/ab dolly.

A Terra-Glide system above an ab-dolly, Bosu, exercise stepper, and ab wheel.  Showing what it's a combination of.

If you’d rather watch some (this doesn’t cover everything in this post) of what I’m about to say about its features than read it – please watch this feature video that I posted out to YouTube…

I want you to get a full static summary view of the product’s features, so check out this diagram from Terra-Core’s Facebook page

A promotional image of the features of the product.

I go over the use of each area in the video above, but you could do a LOT with what’s there!

What Parts of Your Body is Terra-Glide Useful For?

I won’t tell you that Terra-Glide is useful for EVERYTHING. I have been working out for too long to say that I can’t think of some better options for certain things, but this system wins on certain fronts, hands down.

  • When it comes to working your abs, not many things will beat the Terra-Glide (especially for a compact home solution). Anything that you can do with a traditional ab wheel can be done with this system, but because of the 19 lbs of weight it had, you can use it for more. Want to do regular weighted sit-ups? You can do that with this – just hold the system in front of you by the bottom handles as you do your regular technique. Want to work your upper, mid, AND lower abs (which you really can’t do with that traditional wheel)? You can with this. Planks? No problem.
  • Your legs will feel a burn with this thing! You can see my proof as I do some of the leg exercises in the video above – but you can do squats on this with or without band resistance, modified lunges (sprinter-style or lateral), step routines. And I’m positive there are things I’m forgetting, but there are many options.
  • Total body body-weight exercises just got a light (but challenging) weighted companion. Push-ups on here can be more challenging depending on what flavor you want to add to it. Burpees get a step-up when you do them with this system. Sit-ups or floor-based dumbell presses? Sure. do them while positioning your body on top of this.

I don’t doubt that there are other massive benefits to this, but I was impressed in those three areas specifically in my time with the Terra-Glide so far. I really do think that it’s going to level up my routines a lot in those areas.

And I’m not a big free-standing workout band user, but I do have elastic-based resistance systems of my own here at home. This can be THAT for people who enjoy band-based exercises. They even offer full bundles for that!

Here’s a quick 30-second Facebook video of others doing some of the workouts that are possible with this system.

Terra-Glide claims that there are 150+ exercises that you can do with their system, and I’d believe it! And although there is an on-demand workout routine subscription offered by Terra-Core (the company that owns Terra-Glide), they also have a playlist out on their official YouTube channel of free 10 – 20-minute long follow-along exercise routines. I would encourage anyone who’s on the fence about the potential of this one and the challenge it may give you to check out that playlist.

What are the Cons?

No good review should be 100% complimentary. Not an honest one, anyway.

If I had to point out areas for improvement based on my experience with the Terra-Glide thus far, it would just be taking extra steps toward one of their primary strengths: Comfort.

While their site offers a knee pad at a reasonable price ($15)…

The Terra-Glide Knee Pad.

…it’s not standard. Fact: If you will be doing things on your knees with this system, that comfort doesn’t come standard and will run you a small up-charge if you want that from Terra-Core along with this system.

And, to be fair – that’s not uncommon! Many workout solutions like this one lack the additional comfort aspects built-in for the more stationary areas of your body as you do some workouts.

Also, just because I enjoy lifting heavy things – if future models had some way to add onto the base weight of the system incrementally (to increase resistance), that’d be more than welcome. As a consumer, I’d understand that additional resistance might come at a premium — and maybe that’s outside of the scope of what this system is solving for.

It’s already pretty great as is!

Even without the incremental resistance – and I don’t know if their margins will ever allow it – an included knee pad or exercise/Yoga mat with the base model (without too much change in cost) would be an honest area of improvement for this one.

Speaking of costs…

Is it Worth the Money?

As of right now, the base Terra-Glide system – on its own (which is what I got for free) – will run you about $250 with no discount. I know that price tag just made some people recoil, but let’s break that down a bit.

Again, here’s what you get (in terms of product features)…

A list of Terra-Glide features.

and when it arrives – this is what you’ll see. Both the package itself, and upon unboxing…

Terra-Glide and the outside of its packaging (the box it comes in).
What you see when you open the box.

You get the core system (deflated), an instruction manual, a pump for inflating it, a replacement plug for closing it shut (in addition to the one that’s already in it), and a plug remover (in case you ever need to deflate it for any reason). Pretty straightforward.

To give you some idea of the value here, I’ll compare it to other things I was looking at.

  • First up, let’s talk about the CoreFlex4D (which is what I was seriously about to purchase before the Terra-Core rep reached out to me). This is a fitness product that focuses solely on your abs (they take pride in “reinventing” and mobilizing the plank). If all that you want to do is planks and roll around as you would with any ab dolly, that’ll regularly run you $165 when you don’t catch it on sale. It’s not a bad product, but you miss out on many of the features that I’ve mentioned for the Terra-Glide.
  • Up next, let’s consider Core Sliders. No, I’m not talking about any particular brand of them – I’m just talking about getting on Google and searching for the term “Ab core sliders” and checking out the ‘Shopping’ section. Here you’ll see things ranging in price from literally less than $10 to as high as over $300. On top of viewing core sliders themselves as a fad workout that was a talked-about hit in Tabata and bodyweight exercise circles, I kind of see them as a little unsafe. Sliding around on your floor in a friction-less way is honestly genius, but the application is limited by comparison to the Terra-Glide.
  • Lastly, let’s compare Terra-Glide to a traditional ab wheel. Again – another cheap solution for JUST abs – I even own one. Ab wheels are great! But… they’re limited (only abs primarily and toning your arms and core as a secondary effect), they lack resistance (again, talking about a basic ab wheel here), and they’re uncomfortable. Users recognize this, that’s why there’s a market for alternatives even though ab wheels are simple and effective, to begin with.

To add up to the total value that you’re getting from the Terra-Glide base-level system at its default price (not the bundles), you’d need to buy: An ab wheel, a set of core sliders, a Bosu, a workout stepper, push-up grips, and a medicine ball that weighs nearly 20 lbs. If you are buying quality products for each of those things and not just getting the cheapest thing that you can find, you’re beyond the $250. Even if you do manage to find things within that price range, you now have a huge collection of items that you need to store places vs. just having one simple all-in-one system.

All that I’m saying is, as someone who genuinely tries to invest wisely in his home gym solution (especially since I’m just staying in a studio apartment now) with high-quality items that are worth the value — I would personally get the Terra-Glide over the alternatives that I know about.

The cost makes sense, the build quality is there, the space that it takes up is beyond reasonable. I have a clear winner.

As a company, Terra-Core has come a long way since their Kickstarter/Indiegogo days and introduction on a national stage in the 8th episode of the 11th season of Shark Tank (check it out here — starts at the 23:17 timestamp) back in 2019.

I proudly endorse the Terra-Glide as proof of that (I value quality workout equipment), and if anyone has any questions about the system before you purchase it, please don’t hesitate to contact me in the comment section below or in the comments of the YouTube video where I’m showing off some of its features.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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