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Greg the Zombie: A Toy for My Inner-Child

I don’t know what it is about these gross but charming little plush characters, but I love ’em! Looking at this, I first told people, “A younger me would want this thing, the older me just acknowledges that I like it.” And that was true then — but now… I just want it! Someone get it for me so that I can say I’m an adult not wasting my money!

What I am about to tell you isn’t something I’m being paid to say, this is genuinely just an adult geeking out on these and wishing they were around when I was a kid.

An artistic rendering of Greg the Zombie

Greg the Zombie

So, I came across this little guy in an Instagram post the other day and I just keep on looking at it. Check out what you can do with it 🤣

What?! A little plushie whose intestines, heart, and brain/eyeballs can be pulled out!?? *(THE EXCITEMENT!)*

According to the website for this cute little monstrosity, this thing is almost 2 feet tall! And if the lower portion of their website’s home page and their Instagram account is any evidence of it, both kids and adults love this thing (but ESPECIALLY kids — and I’m sort of a big kid at heart, still).

The company that produces these critters is based in Akron, Ohio – so you’d be buying from a U.S.-based company, and everything I’m reading promises high-quality soft materials. And there are SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!

It looks like these began on Kickstarter back in late 2017/early 2018. They appear to be produced in limited supply runs (I’m seeing numbers as low as 250 on some – like my personal favorite, THE SHEDDER), so you’ll want to hop on these quickly. This is definitely the kind of thing that I see being ULTRA collectible later one should these really rocket off, which – frankly – I think they will if the proper advertising note is struck. These things are kinda’ genius.

The appeal across multiple age groups is hysterical! One quote that I love that I saw out there…

“Is Greg the Zombie for kids or adults???”

He’s for the people!! You don’t just stop liking zombies at a certain age 😝

A gregthezombie_ Instagram post

And don’t think that you need Halloween as an excuse to enjoy these things. Zombies are a year-round experience.

A Few of My Favorite Little Zombies

I have loved zombies since I was a kid (seriously, ask my friends in my Horror Club at work — they’re my favorite monster), and maybe that’s why these hold such a special place for me. And the company creating these plushies must be true fans of this particular monster genre, too (based on some of the items they’re producing).

I won’t show you their entire inventory that’s up on their site now (I encourage YOU to go and check out their product page yourself), but I would like to show you a few of my favorite promotional snaps of their wares below.

Just click the pic to see a larger image & remember – these are limited runs! Get them while supplies last!)…

In case you’re wondering, YES! There are little costumes you can buy that are made to fit your zombies, and variants of the zombies with different degrees of fuzziness.

My inner-90s kid is screaming that he knows a cartoon opportunity when he sees it! Someone pick this up for a show!

Ultimately, I’m a horror geek who grew up enjoying gross things. This toy is the perfect intersection of pop culture, horror, cuteness, cool-factor, originality, and softness for me (imagine these as throw pillows on your couch). I think the only thing that’s stopping me from buying a few of these RIGHT NOW is that I just moved – spent a lot of money on that endeavor – so I’m trying to be a sensible adult.

But you? You don’t have to be sensible. If you’ve got a little kid in your life (like 5 or younger) – they’ll love this — get it for them! You don’t even have to ask, just surprise them and hide a little something extra in its guts (candy, games, other toys — the only thing limiting you is the toy’s belly capacity and your imagination). I mean — Christmas is right around the corner… AND, while you’re at it, get one for yourself! Haha!

Oh, and last reminder — these things are limited in the quantity produced, so get ’em before they’re gone. Man… I love zombies. Especially Greg the Zombie.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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