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Realistic Self-Improvement Goal Ideas for 2022

The time of year that people reflect on their lives and think about things they want to actualize is back. While the ritual can leave some feeling defeated (as many don’t see it through), a fair share of us still embrace New Year’s Resolutions. I personally love it, and I hope this post helps equip you with the idea of completing one.

For those who frequent this blog, you’ll know that I’m a fan of goal-setting. I’ve already talked to people before about how to pull off an annual goal, and we’ve even touched on goal-setting for your career specifically in more detail. So, if you’re looking for that type of post, feel free to check out either of those resources. This year I’d actually like to point out specific low-hanging fruit ideas and direct you to a few resources that may help you get started on each one.

Sound like a plan? Ok – let’s go!

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