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Realistic Self-Improvement Goal Ideas for 2022

2022 is the Year to Address Your Finances

I once shared two posts on how Black People are impacted by the racial wealth gap (before you click away, please keep reading – I promise there’s a purpose to bringing this up). One dealt more with the availability of resources while the other dealt specifically with money – and each was tied into a series about my personal perspective on Blackness and our history.

(Fix Your Credit)

I must have done something right with those posts because I got a lot of feedback on them and was even sent some supplemental information from that further updated how race impacts your credit score. I’ll likely reference their resource again in the near future, but for this post specifically – I really want people to notice the section at the lower half of their article on the subject.

It touches on things like:

Their resource is presented in the context of the article as a whole, but that doesn’t make the points of their article any less pertinent to EVERYONE at a time when many average Americans are struggling with debt on a regular basis. Again – I’ll definitely use the article at another point soon-ish, but I wanted to mention it here specifically.

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(Build Your Wealth)

Still… Why stop there? Why just get your credit score in order through good financial habits when you can take it further and start to build wealth in the new year?! Companies like The Motley Fool (Full-Disclosure: I work here) have been helping their site’s visitors learn key financial habits FOR FREE for over 25 years! They offer specific steps to follow on your path to financial wellness and give daily information (again, FOR FREE) to those who want to start learning about building their personal wealth through investing — no prior experience required.

Checking into some of the links listed above will help put you well on your way to being in a better financial position in 2022.

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