A close-up of an image Little Thunder shared on Instagram mid-October 2021.
Cover Image © Little Thunder 門小雷

Need Some Calm? Try This Chill Video.

Although I’ve been following Little Thunder’s art on Instagram for a while now, I completely missed her 2021 wrap-up video from a day ago. Fortunately, she posted it to Facebook, a friend shared it there, and I caught it (shout-out to Terrence)! This video is hypnotic if you enjoy painting to any degree – especially watercolor.

So, grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot cocoa, wine, whiskey — whatever you drink — put your feet up, sit back, breathe, and vibe out.

Little Thunder’s Video…

The Appreciation of Her Art

I know that art isn’t for everyone, but you have to respect talent when you see it. As a person who dabbles in various mediums, I can’t help but marvel at people who take the time to dedicate themselves to a single thing and really master a style all their own.

The calm and clean brush strokes.

The confident & expertly-crafted layering.

The subtle, yet detailed, highlights.

Her Instagram channel is full of that type of content on the regular (and she even has a YouTube channel, too), but seeing it all played out in a continuous video accompanied by the right musical pairing — you begin to understand why after only 1,826 posts on Instagram – she has garnered 875K+ followers (as of this moment).

There’s a mood to the aesthetic that captivates, and you don’t even have to be a fan of the manga-ish style. You just have to be a fan of beautiful moments.

The artist Little Thunder creating a watercolor painting.

(Yep… that’s her at work.)

Just appreciate the video, and the work within it, for what it is – and realize that you’re seeing something everyone on this planet can’t just “do”.

Anyway – that’s it – I just really wanted more people to know this video existed.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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