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Sharing My Two 2022 Resolutions (Happy New Year!)

I recently did a post about some practical New Year’s Resolution ideas for everyone to try out if they were just looking for some simple places to start, and I had my own in the back of my head this entire time. There’s a sort of “TL;DR” to this one and an accompanying video if you have 5-minutes to spare.

Happy New Year, peeps.

My 2022 Resolutions (Briefly) + Why Them?

I decided to go with two, count ’em — TWO resolutions this year. One is more of a “focus” for the year, while the other is more of an activity.

  1. (Focus on) Consistency
  2. Make every other day Leg Day
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Why did I choose those?

Well, while I’m doing ok for myself at this point in my life right now – I have a nagging suspicion that had I just been more consistent with certain things in my past… I’d be better off and maybe even a little more fulfilled. That said, I want to make sure that’s a focus point for me this year.

I was once told by a girl I liked (who was into playing games) that I quit too easily, and I can’t argue with that. I do.

Well – “A winner never quits, and a winner never quits.”

Buuuuut, anyway – I really am curious if I get past the bad sense of wishy-washy-ness that I’ve developed in the last year, “What all can I accomplish?” So — time to find out.

As far as the second one, a few years ago I trained a friend and he said that he wanted to work on his upper-body for a year. We did that. ONLY focusing on the upper-body for a full year’s time. And while my legs definitely fell behind that year and I’ve done what I can to catch things up, I still feel like they need MORE. So, I plan to blast my legs in 2022. It’ll be fun. Painful, but fun.

Beyond That… (Video Time)

I put together a quick video for you all to check out related to this (and goalsetting in general). In it, I talk about my Five Year Goals and why I chose to track them the way that I did. If you’re curious and want to see the power of a clean shave (not kidding) – give it a view (and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t – I’m getting so close to a milestone for followers)!

And with that brief bit – I wish you all a safe and Happy New Year!

Catch you in 2022.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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