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A New Comedian Worth Knowing: Sahib Singh

A friend introduced me to Sahib Singh and his brand of humor about 2-years ago. I’ve actually literally gotten to meet him once, he’s a cool dude – but I don’t know him – so I won’t pretend to. Instead, this post is strictly from the viewpoint of a fan who feels like more people should know this guy and his jokes.

Please note – his humor is satirical, dry, and witty if you get it or pieces related to it (SERIOUSLY – he’s topical as all get out). I think what I like most is he seems to be an equal opportunity satirist, and you’ll see that throughout the many examples I give you below.


Who is this guy? Is he funny?

Lifting directly from the text currently on his talent management’s page for him because I’m too lazy to write this part…

Sahib Singh is a first-generation Indian-American comedian, writer and actor. Originally from Baltimore, Sahib has quickly become one of Baltimore/DC’s favorite young comedians. With a mellow demeanor and unique cadence, Sahib’s comedy has gained notoriety throughout the greater DC scene and has amassed a strong following on social media including Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

AVALON – Sahib Singh
A selfie of comedian Sahib Singh from his Twitter account.

He has come a long way from getting attention for his Instagram photos with things like…

Of course, all of these aren’t real – but that’s the point. And all of this came before his current video skit era where I think his comedic chops really shine through.

His shine has been so bright in fact that he’s caught the eye of one particularly huge name that I know & enjoy in a Mr. Hasan Minhaj (you might have seen him before), and he’s gotten to open for him on tour… Plus another guy who I admittedly don’t know (pictured below).

I really think that acknowledgment is just the start of his story – so, I’d like to serve up some of those videos I mentioned to you all today in hopes that you dig it.

Again, you kind of have to be in the know on certain aspects of these topics to find the humor in them — but that’s the sweet spot for the appropriate audience.

Pick Your Comedic Poison

Sahib creates and develops these characters throughout his skits. You’ll see them presented in a more randomly-released order all over his TikTok (1.1M followers) & Instagram (99.4K followers) accounts, but I’ve taken the time to curate a few of my favorites for you below. Just click whatever you think you might be curious about:

(PLEASE NOTE that there are links to bring you back to this spot at the end of each section)

If these offend you in any kind of way… it is satire, and these might not be for you (kind of my personal favorites). Poke around on his accounts mentioned above and I’m sure you’ll find something you like or can relate to a bit more.

Business Major BF

And here’s the same character explaining the GameStop short squeeze & the stock market in general.

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A “Good Landlord”

And here’s that same character now selling the apartment after giving the current tenants only 2-hour’s notice (because the market’s hot right now).

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He’s Into “Real Rap” (and you’re not)…

Here is the first part of that situation; and that same character apparently “doesn’t” like Drake and might not be the person that you want planning your party playlist.

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An “Essential” Worker (you’ll see)

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Your New Lifestyle Coach

Other fun ones with this character include:

It’s all so aggressively spot on that I just find it HILARIOUS – LOL!

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A Military Hero/Good Guy

We were first introduced to this guy adjusting to civilian life on YouTube, but he’s also kind to sad women crying in bathrooms at house parties (amazing use of the Home Depot commercial jingle).

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Next Stop — Platinum Status

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And that’s it! I hope you found something up there that you kinda’ chuckled at, and if not… I’m not sorry – I think this dude is hilarious 😂

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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