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Some of You Need to Hear This: Choose Yourself

Reacting to “Choose Yourself”

As I said, the song/speech/reading I heard got a rise out of me because of certain nuggets here and there (I numbered the things on the first page so that it’s a little easier to track along with which phrase I’m responding to).

  1. I totally agree with this and really want to know more about that other 10%. Still, this perspective would’ve helped me out a lot back in my side hustle days.
  2. Life IS better this way. Note that it doesn’t say that you stick with people who agree with you – they love you. Those are different by a wide margin.
  3. I basically read the pig comment at “take the high road” on so many levels. Try not to dance with pigs if you can help it.
  4. I semi-disagree with this one. I understand the point of it, but I also hold the view that a life without any purpose is a life wasted. And while I don’t stress obsessing over one purpose, I do encourage others to find a sense of purpose. Sometimes you’ll need that to get you through tough times.
  5. I think some people engineer their “luck” and some people are just lucky.
  6. This was my old game plan before I got tired.
  7. I don’t think enough people understand the value of diversification as a whole. The comment of getting “past ‘this’ by having lots of that” made me laugh because it’s so true. You get past whatever “this” is in your life by having other options. Think about it.
  8. So many people need the 8th point.
  9. There could probably literally be entire business classes taught on this strategy and it would likely mint a few millionaires (at least)!
  10. This would’ve been an amazing mantra to have on hand during times of burnout. In fact — I’m taking that one in my back pocket and keeping it in mind to pull forward when I need it.
  11. I immediately thought of both sides of the COVID vaccine debate when I heard this one. I thought about U.S. Politics. I thought about a number of really big issues that divide us in general.
  12. Funny thing, a friend and I once had a talk about relationships and he introduced me to the term “Enthusiastic Consent”. That is what this one is referring to — if it’s not a “Hell Yeah!” Then — it’s a, “No” (if you’re being truthful about it. Think of this line not only when it comes to how others react to you, but how YOU react to various people and things in your life.
  13. Reread that one as many times as you need to.
  14. There is wisdom in history and the masters that came before you.
  15. I took this one as more of a “tip for most” rather than a truth. I really do think that some people find a genuine burst of cretive genius in the more rushed moments.
  16. I can’t argue with this one.
  17. I never know how to take this one because I’ve definitely heard something like this before. What makes this one vague is that I can’t tell if it’s meant as “choose yourself” as in, “be more selfish (in a healthy way),” or “choose yourself” as in, “make your own choices”? I want to say that it’s the second one because of the “someone else will” finisher.
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You’ll notice that I’m not really drawing conclusions in this post or guiding anything below. These are literally my reactions. I think the value of these 17 Truths is in YOUR interpretation and internalization of what YOU choose from them. That, and in discussing these with others.

So — if ANY of the points above from the original author or the musically-inclined reader made you think a bit, share your thoughts below or share this post with your friends and talk about what you got out of “Choose Yourself”. I really do think there’s a lot to take away here.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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