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I Got a Massage Gun for Christmas & I’M ADDICTED!!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! I want you all to know about an amazing exercise recovery thing that I’m honestly surprised I’ve gone without this long. You may see one major brand of massage gun in the market, but it’s expensive and there are other great options. I am going to tell you about my experience with the one that I have.

I almost titled this post “Massage Gun? More Like ‘Massage FUN’! Amirite?!” 😆 I love that title, but I decided it had sexual undertones, considering what it’s about, so I backed away – LOL!

Anyway (Focus, Johnnie), I’m intentionally keeping the subject light today since the topic of tomorrow’s post is heavy.

As usual, here’s the disclaimer that I’m not getting anything for telling you about this. I just came across a good item and I feel like more people should know about it.

There Are SOOO Many to Choose From!

Again, there may have been one brand that came to your mind if you know about these things. It is called Theragun, and it can run you $200 – $500 (before tax) depending on the model you get. The one that I got IS NOT that – LOL!

An image of the current selection of Theragun products.

And apparently, these things are called “Percussive Devices” — Who knew?

Well, percussive devices have been all the rage for the last one or two years on the fitness scene once they made their crossover from a secret tool used by professionals to something that normal people could just buy (with no small amount of effort on the Theragun‘s part).

Well, the same thing happened with massage guns that happens to every popular technology…

Competitors copied, a lot of new faces came into the market, and then (I think) a number of non-US countries who don’t care about our intellectual property protections (see how I didn’t flat-out just name one place?) really pumped up the production.

These are some of the 1,000+ results you see if you search Amazon for “massage gun”…

Some Amazon results for the phrase massage gun.

And searching Google for “massage gun” -theragun* returns 7,150,000 results in under 1 second!

*For those who don’t know, you use quotes around a term in a Google search to get that exact phrasing (for example I only wanted info on “massage guns” specifically and didn’t want any results on regular “guns” included) & you use a minus sign before a word/quoted phrase in a Google search when you want to exclude it from your search results.

Yeah… These things are popular.

And I see why! After using mine once, I honestly don’t know how I’ve been working out for so long without one. The funny thing is I didn’t even necessarily want one, but my friend who got this for me is just a great gift-giver and she knew a Johnnie-appropriate Christmas gift when she saw it.

Guess it’s time I tell you about the one I have, huh?

The Massage Gun That I Have

I was fortunate enough to receive the “TOLOCO Massage Gun”.

A screenshot of the TOLOCO Massage Gun's page on Amazon.

(Click the image to hop to the page)

It is REALLY useful for muscle recovery from strenuous activity. I’ve been using the deep tissue massage on myself and a few others, and we all agree – it’s money (in fact, one of the people I used this on went and bought this exact one the following week).

This thing is amazing for a number of reasons, but I’ll only list my Top 3 (in order of favoritism)…

First: It comes with a ton of replaceable massage heads.

My personal favorite is the “Y-Shaped Head”. I’ve been getting a lot of use out of that one. Oh, and for the record/shade — this comes with more replaceable heads than any of the costly models of the leading brand that I mentioned at the start of this.

A chart showing what all of the different massage heads are used for.

Second: It is super easy to read & use!

The simplified design of it and familiar shape (a gun) just make it super easy to understand out of the box. No “training required” — no worry of causing myself any type of massage-related injuries (again… sexual undertones). Just a good time smoothing out my achy parts with focused good vibes.

TOLOCO Percussive Device Dash.

Third/Last: The battery life on this thing is incredibly dependable.

I don’t know what the battery life on these is supposed to be across all of the options out there, but 4-hours is plenty for me to do what I need to do with it. Plus – it automatically stops after 10-minutes of massaging. You can restart it of course, but I like that it has these sort of guardrails built-in to keep you from overdoing it (or to keep it from overheating — but that’s great, too).

The battery life of my massage gun.

I love this little thing!

I like the fact that it comes in a case and actually works. I know it’s not the Theragun, but it’s damn good and I’m more than happy to have it. (Funny story, I actually had to look up the name of the big brand in this category because I’d honestly deleted it from my memory because of the cost.)

I would recommend getting one of these if you work out fairly often or just have random little muscle aches here and there that could use some massaging. This little massage gun really is a godsend and will likely serve me for years to come before equipment failure (happens to any device that’s used with any regularity).

This was a really nice surprise gift to get for Christmas, and don’t worry – I got my friend something, too. She was happy with her gift & each was given platonically. We are like cousins (no sexual undertones)!

Anyway – yeah – do yourself a favor and consider adding a reasonably priced one of these to your arsenal. You will not regret having one of these for those times you’re sore a day or two after a good workout (and it can definitely be used preventively to reduce some of that pain).

Oh – and PLEEEEAAAASE don’t come after me for the artist selected for today’s “End of Post Song” (not a plea, more of a warning). I am a Black kid who grew up in the 90s – so, this is literally the first song that jumps into my mind when I think of anything pertaining to the word “vibe” – LOL!

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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