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U.S. Homelessness: Part 1 – Framing the Issue

So… This week has felt long for some reason, and I’m tired. That said – I came up with the genius idea to split the post that I had planned for today into 2 parts! This gives those who are interested a chance to consume a bit more about this huge issue in smaller pieces. That, and it lets me sleep a bit and research a bit more.

I care about this topic. I wish I can do more than what I’ve done, but I just don’t have the resources as a regular individual (but if I were mega-rich, it would be the first priority I tackle in whatever city I lived in). Nope. All I have is this platform to bring attention to it beyond my own personal volunteer efforts & donations, so — I want to spend this weekend talking about my ideas for how to address this issue plaguing our wealthy nation.

LOS ANGELES/CALIFORNIA - SEPT. 21, 2019: Homeless encampment along the roadside depicting the growing epidemic of homelessness in the city of Los Angeles.

What makes this first part super convenient for people, especially on a Saturday, is that all you have to do is watch these two YouTube videos on the topic throughout your day.

Video 1: Why the U.S. Can’t Solve Homelessness

There is some good context in this one. It lays a nice foundation that I honestly think the other two videos build on (even though they debuted prior).

Video 2: John Oliver Takes on Homelessness

This one adds a little more color to the situation and helps you understand a few human motivations involved in the issue.

And this is a “non-required” video specifically about Portland dealing with a rise in homeless encampments (illustrates some of what John Oliver discussed in his video segment).

The next post will explore some ideas that I’ve thought about to help address homelessness in the United States (at least in part). PLEASE NOTE that I will NOT try to present a full analysis on homelessness in the U.S. — that’s not my wheelhouse, and that’s why I encourage you to watch these videos highlighting the issue before Part 2. The follow-up is specifically me talking about possible solutions.

Oh, and if you feel like watching a bonus video that is semi-related to all of this, check out this NYT Video about Liberal Hypocrisy (yeah – crazy, right?).

Ok – time to rest a bit.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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