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My Insane Workout Routine for the First Quarter of 2022

I have a few deadlines for work coming up, so I actually need to be extremely brief today – but I wanted to share a ridiculous(ly fun) workout routine I designed for myself that I’ve been doing. I want to get in the best shape I’ve ever been in while I’m here in SD, so I figured I could stand to kick some things up a notch.

Now, I’ve shared a few routines here before – but this one hits a little different because there are no planned rest days. I encourage anyone who even attempts something like this to listen to your body, take breaks as you need them, stay hydrated, and get lots of sleep.

And technically each day focuses on a new major muscle group – so you shouldn’t be overworking anything too much. Oh, and I do work my legs a lot because it’s part of my resolutions for this year.

Other than that – have at it!

The Insane Workout Routine

CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to be taken to a printable .PDF version of the file that you can download.

An image of Johnnie's 2022 first quarter workout routine.

A few things…

  • This is designed with space on it for 2 full weeks of the routine.
  • This is designed with “the person doing this having access to a gym” in mind.
  • The shorthand of “W/R” stands for “Weight/Resistance” so that you can put in the appropriate value in that column. If you lifted 40 lbs, just write “40”. If you were on resistance level 6 of something, just write “6”. Those numbers may be arbitrary to anyone casually viewing your sheet – but you’ll know what they mean and they’ll help you keep track of your progress.
  • One blatant error I made was making the next column “Rep” instead of like “Work” or something. That said, I didn’t leave a separate spot for both sets and reps – so you’ll want to put both on your sheet using shorthand like this… >> “3 x 6” << …Meaning you did “3 sets of 6 reps” of a thing.
  • “Ab-Ripper X” is referring to an old Beachbody ab routine from their P90X product’s first run. I do not own the rights to it, but for now, that entire video can be found here on Vimeo.
  • “Bring Sally Up” refers to a push-up thing that people do to Moby’s song “Flower”. Here’s an example. For the record, I do this each day wearing a 40 lbs weighted-vest, so trust me — you can do it!
  • Lastly, you’ll notice that I reference specific equipment that I bought for myself once I moved to my new smaller place (“Gorilla Bow” and “Max Pro”) – please feel free to replace these things with whatever works best for your available supplies.

Beyond those – if you have any questions, hit me up in the comments below!

I hate to jump in, post, and run so quickly – but duty calls right now and ya’ boy gotta’ eat (meaning that I have to focus on getting things done for my day job). Glad you could pop by and if you give the routine a whirl, let me know what you think!

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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