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It’s About Time You Stopped Hiding Your Talent

Have you ever sat and thought about how many people you know who are incredibly talented who share it with like… no one? This thought just crossed my mind (like, literally 5 minutes ago) and just kinda’ floored me a bit. As always – there’s a bit of nuance to what I’m saying here, so please – let me explain.

I have gone on the record in the past as being both Team Sharing is Caring and Team Stingy Mingy. My stance isn’t changing there. I think it’s healthy to be a bit of both when it comes to sharing your talents with the world around you. I really do.

But — some people hide it from themselves, too. And… for what? Some mistaken sense of “defining yourself” and your talent potentially going against that? That sounds like BS to me. So… Let’s talk about it a bit.

Why Are You Hiding?

I know people who seem to hide from some of their joys, and I don’t know why. I have really never understood it. Clearly, something in you is either naturally attuned to “a thing” or you once practiced it and built a skill. And now what? Nothing?

Each time one of those people allows themselves a moment of weakness to let their talent slip – I can see the joy pouring from their soul (not to sound dramatic, but I mean it).

Portrait of Talented Female Artist Working on a Modern Abstract Oil Painting, Gesturing with Broad Strokes Using Paint Brush. Dark Creative Studio Large Picture Stands on Easel Illuminated. Low Angle

I don’t know if people hide their talents from themselves and never visit it – but each time they act on it, I have to believe it feels something like the best surprise visit from a dear old friend. Like one that comes along right when you needed it.

Some people are just shy. I get that. Some people have been taught to be humble. I get that. But I don’t think that’s what talents are for. Even if you choose not to share them with anyone else, they are a part of YOU.

To deny them and act like they don’t exist is tantamount to denying yourself.

Why do that?! I really don’t get it.

And in this day and age, if it comes down to a lack of resources (which I truly do believe can be the case sometimes), I have to believe there is an alternative out there if you just look for it.

There may also be something about “lacking time” to express your talent, but I don’t buy that either.

Sing while you walk. Dance while you clean. Do weird ventriloquist voices while you’re with your friends. Draw on EVERYTHING. Say the alphabet backward all you want. Recite the first 1,000 digits of Pi. Cook for total strangers if you don’t have anyone at home to make decadent meals for. Run a race against yourself each day and try to beat your best time. Crack jokes all of the time.

All that I am saying is that there are one or two ways to express whatever little quirky talent you may have. Be You!

(Which brings me to the next section…)

There Are Many Benefits to Using Your Talent

But I only want to focus on ONE:

You would be happier.

So, embrace it!

Talented Innovative Female Artist Draws with Her Hands on the Large Canvas, Using Fingers She Creates Colorful, Emotional, Sensual Oil Painting. Contemporary Painter Creating Abstract Modern Art

Some people feel a void in life. I have felt this void. Many adults have.

And you know what that void is? It is you not exercising your natural ability.

It is you dedicating your precious time to everything in the world other than your talent.

It is you denying your talent — for what?! To be “normal”? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?!

The only thing that can fill that void, and trust me on this, is more YOU. More precisely – doing more of what YOU love. Spending more time with the people and things YOU enjoy — and do you know what falls into that category? I would guess your talent.

Love it or hate it, we – as humans – like being good at things. There is a sense of purpose and “I’m doing this right” that comes along with expressing your innate talents. And the pull of that is undeniable and intoxicating when you get lost in it.

Have you ever seen someone who can sing and is a bit of a natural performer cut loose while singing karaoke in front of a room full of strangers? There is something magical about it when it comes together. Not just because it’s a song that everybody knows, but when the audience is genuinely floored by what they’re seeing and you can tell the person up there with the mic, standing in front of the awkwardly scrolling words, is just doing their thing! That person shines… Every time.

So, why stop there? Why only be that happy on drunken nights? Why only be that happy when you’re off work?

I have a coworker who, no lie – you’ll stroll past her desk sometimes and she’s just singing. To herself – audience of no one – but it’s a cool thing because you can tell she’s so happy.

Each time she sings, she’s filling that void I mentioned back up with whatever the day might be taking away from it.

What fills your void? What would make you happier?

And please note that I’m not talking about something coming from someone else. I don’t want an answer like “My family” or “My significant other” — that’s a cop-out and they won’t be around you 24/7.

Noooooo — what can YOU do to fill your void? Whatever that is – it’s either 1) a talent or 2) an activity that you enjoy so much, that if you do it regularly, you’ll become talented in.

Focus on the one benefit that matters: You would be happier.

You might just screw around and create something beautiful in your life with that talent of yours.

Talented Female Artist Works on Abstract Oil Painting, Using Paint Brush She Creates Modern Masterpiece. Dark and Messy Creative Studio where Large Canvas Stands on Easel Illuminated

I have been called a Rennaissance Man (no, seriously – someone JUST called me that like two days ago) because I explore a bunch of things. I don’t care about how good I get at them really — I’m just having fun. I am trying to “fill my void” with as many micro-talents as my body can handle, and I honestly want to give myself a surplus of good vibes.

That sounds pretty good to me. So… I wish that upon you if you stuck it out & took the time to get through this one.

May you have a surplus of good vibes and may you overflow with talent.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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