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Do You. You Never Know Who You’re Inspiring.

I have been lucky enough to have had a lot of conversations lately with a number of inspiring people (more foreshadowing for February). And those conversations have further made me realize that the value of “doing you” in this world is putting your example out there because you never know who’s looking at you or what you may inspire.

That said, take today’s post as a reminder of 3 things:

  1. You are stronger than you think.
  2. You add value in unseen places.
  3. Nothing is over until you quit.

You Are Stronger Than You Think

One frustrating thing about being a friend with me is that I refuse to let any of my friends wallow in self-pity and weakness for too long. I constantly encourage people and tell them the 100% unfiltered truth; not because I’m an asshole (I mean, I am – but that’s not what motivates this behavior), but because I care and I know they’re stronger than they may be giving themselves credit for at the moment.

I repeat, this tendency of mine totally pisses some people off and leads to spats at times that they really don’t feel like the whole “tough love” thing.

I get it, but it isn’t tough love — it’s just the truth. REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

There is power in your name. There is power in your intentions. There is power in your efforts. There is power in your successes. There is power in your successes. There is power in your decisions and indecision.

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Most people have been sold on one big lie in life, and it’s that they’re weak. I call BS on it because it is YOU and people like you who shape the world around us. Society isn’t just happening. Culture doesn’t just pop up. Passions don’t exist without a proper conduit.

Every great masterpiece of physical, philosophical, technological, or (yep, I’m saying this) spiritual significance was created by a people just like you or me.

I am nothing special and neither are you, and that’s because none of us are weak.

Stop doubting yourself.

You Add Value in Unseen Places

Even when you don’t feel like you are in the best shape – your story has the potential to inspire others. Someone else may be going through the same low as you, or they may need the vicarious energy of your good fortune.

Remember that for as far behind as you may feel every now and then, you’re still ahead of someone on some kind of spectrum. And the same is true for when you feel on top of the world — there’s someone else who’s already passed that stage and now they’re dancing in the stars (so to speak).

It is all a matter of perspective, and the funny thing about perspective is that you can never really tell who NEEDS yours.

This is a crucial crux point of this post today: DO YOU.

No one else can “do you” better than you can, and the world needs you to do whatever it is that you do because others need what you bring to the table in your own special way.

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So, pump yourself up online. Share your triumphs and misfires. Laugh and cry on camera. Write from the depths of your soul and be as “high road” or “petty” as you can stand in that moment. Be honestly inelegant, yet refined, in a way that only YOU articulate for the masses.

This is all a good thing, and you honestly NEVER know who’s looking (even when you think you’re moving in silence).

Inspire the world around you by being you.

Nothing is Over Until You Quit

For what it’s worth (not counting on everyone knowing “fwiw”), I don’t mean this in the literal sense. For instance, If you miss a deal on a hot-but-expensive product that you’ve been wanting and the date you try to catch the sale is in fact a week late… That sale is over… Let it go.

No, friends – what I mean here is that the feelings YOU feel and the energy YOU bring to something isn’t over until you decide to quit.

There will be times that you REALLY want to quit. And sometimes, it’s ok if you do — it really is. But don’t stop “doing you” unless YOU really want to. Does that make sense?

There is too much at stake if you give up on yourself.

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This one is short and sweet. I just wanted to remind someone out there that they bring something special to the world, and they shouldn’t ever sell themselves short.

Have a good day, you powerful people.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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