Loft style outdoor living area 3d render, There are wooden and concrete floor, rough concrete wall with wood plank stamped, green plant fence, decorate with rattan and fabric furniture.
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Signs I’m Aging Well: I’m Geeked About Furniture

Sometime tomorrow my new place will finally be complete! Furniture that I ordered in November of 2021 will finally arrive and I’ll be able to sit out on my balcony!! I haven’t ever owned outdoor furniture before. Sure, my parents have – but this is MY first outdoor furniture set so it feels special in some odd way (go figure).

Haha – while the things that I ordered from Amazon have been here forever and a day, the actual furniture itself was supposed to be here mid-December 2021, but then the shipping delays plaguing the country hit – and I just had to be patient. I didn’t even call them once about it. I just sat and waited.

Needless to say, I hope that by the time I see the actual items – it was worth the wait. There isn’t anything special about the stuff in here. It is all just furniture, but hey — appreciate the little things. One sure sign that I’m aging ok at this point, other than my growing number of gray hairs, is the excitement I feel about this moment.

I Ordered This Stuff from Jerome’s Furniture

I had never heard of Jerome’s before, and when I looked at their locations – it made sense that I hadn’t (definitely a SoCal regional business). Anywho, I went to the Downtown San Diego Urban Outlet and found what I needed in this outdoor living room set (which I also didn’t know was a thing — I’ve learned so much)…

Jerome's Furniture Cabo 5-Piece Outdoor Living Room Set and Modular Cocktail Table in front of a pool in someone backyard area.

I got all of the furniture that you see in the forefront of that picture excluding the rug (more on that below).

What I like a lot about this furniture collection is that it’s modular (anyone who knows me knows that I love modular things), so I can move it around as needed into different formations like these…


And the cocktail table with the little ottoman cubes got tossed into my cart as well…

Cabo outdoor Nesting Cube Cocktail Table.

Sorry, that’s literally the only good picture of it I could find online, but between this one and the image above – you get the point. The little cubes scoot beneath the table for more seating!!

Now I just have to find some friends for all of this seating at some point. I haven’t been playing around with Omicron out in these streets – so no new friends just yet.

I also ordered an indoor rug, too – you can click this link if you want to see that. Nothing special. I know, I’m terrible – I like shag rugs (they’re comfy).

But, I digress…

I Ordered This Stuff from Amazon

All of that outdoor furniture needs little accent-type things (I think) – so, I got this outdoor rug instead of the one in the picture above to go with the living room set and cocktail table. I felt like the green was a nice color for outside (there were other options in black, blue, and brown)…

Home Dynamix Nicole Miller New York Patio Country Calla Herringbone Area Rug, Beige/Green, 7'9"x10'2" Rectangle

I figured I would need a storage unit to hide the pillows away on super windy or rainy days, so I get this hefty 230-gallon KETER deck box. It is insulated, and even if that’s too much space for the pillows (I don’t think it is), I can think of other things to do with that waterproof unit. Put car stuff in there or something *shrugs*…

KETER Java XXL 230 Gallon Resin Rattan Look Large Outdoor Storage Deck Box for Patio Furniture Cushions, Pool Toys, and Garden Tools, Espresso Brown

Lastly, PLANTS (that I don’t have to take care of)! That’s right — I shamelessly ordered 3 fake plants that felt appropriate for my new surroundings…


And these two plant pots to put the ones that didn’t come with their own planter into…

Plant Pots Set of 2 Pack 8 inch,Planters for Indoor Plants with Drainage Holes and Removable Base,Saucer Modern Decorative for Outdoor Garden Planters(Dark Grey 8in)

And that’s it! I am just excited this stuff is finally going to arrive after so long and I’ll finally get to sit comfortably outside and enjoy the weather.

Sorry, there won’t be any pictures of the final arrangement posted online (certain things just shouldn’t be put out there — mind the info you put about your location online, folks) – so, you’ll have to use your imagination. Still, I really think all of this is just going to be the nice final bit to make the new place feel like a home and kind of complete the Cali-home experience for me.

Thanks for sharing in a very basic b***h HGTV moment with me – LOL!

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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