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Starting February 1, 2022 for BHM: “Black Perspectives”

Yo! I am ready to kick off a series that’s been months in the making. Hours of emails, phone calls, drafting, and collaboration with a lot of great minds from great friends. I am proud of this project, and I think those who have signed off on the interviews you’ll see are equally proud. So, let’s talk scheduling for this year…

But, First – “A Note About the Format”

I just want to call out that each interview is 4 paginated sections in length. The buttons to go to the next pages are located at the bottom of the body copy of the post, right above the picture of me as a cute pouty kid. This is the same interface on desktop or mobile.

The sections are…

  • Introducing: [Person]Where you get a brief feel for the individual.
  • The Big QuestionsI asked each participant to answer the same 2 big questions this year.
  • [Their Special Section]This is the main meat of the interview mostly customized to them.
  • The CloserMy wrap-up of the interview.

You’ll find images, pull quotes, and various media throughout each interview – so enjoy.

And if you want to share an opinion about what you read directly with the person being interviewed, or reach out to the interviewee for something else (seriously – some of you may want to collaborate with some of these people, hire them, purchase things from them, or have them come and speak at your company or event) — please don’t hesitate to contact me at I will get your message to them ASAP.

Now… About that Schedule…

(If you skipped right to this part, PLEASE see the section right above this one. It’s a quick, but important, read.)

As I said last week in the post announcing this series, there is no 100% solid schedule this year because some responses are LITERALLY still coming in and having their final drafts approved by the interview subjects.

BUUUUT – I can give you a rough idea here each day (you might want to bookmark this page if you’re trying to read all of them) of when to expect things, in case you want to make sure you’re not missing someone or a subject that you really want to see or support.

Once the date has happened – you can click the photo or name (below) to go to the post (Updated daily by 6:30 AM EST).

Thank you for your interest in this collaborative project.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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