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Black Perspectives #01: Dr. Brandy Archie (Occupational Therapist & Business Founder)

The Big Questions

SSD: There are two big questions that I’m asking every interview subject to answer.

First: What does it mean to you to “Be Black” in 2022?

Dr. A: To be Black today, to me, simply means to identify with being a member of Black worldwide society. Hopefully, that also means you are for the elevation of our cultural equity across the world and are contributing to the struggle in the ways that you are best suited to today – whether that’s within your daily work, volunteer work, or even in how you raise your children or have conversations with family. 

SSD: Ok, moving on to Numero Dos: As a Black Person in America, what’s one thing that you wish other people knew about your daily experiences?

Dr. A: I wish people knew how demoralizing it is to see the same terrible systemic outcomes happen again and again disproportionally against Black people, and see limited to no change while companies, organizations, and individuals say how much we are loved and valued. Especially during Black History Month. But, in other ways. [still] say and do insensitive, ignorant, and/or racist things that just keep the systematic racism going.

Brandy isn't having it.

Sharing is Caring

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