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Black Perspectives #01: Dr. Brandy Archie (Occupational Therapist & Business Founder)

The Closer

KC Wolf is in the buildin'!

I invited Dr. Archie to share her thoughts in this series because I follow her on LinkedIn, and I think she posts some pretty insightful stuff on a regular basis that many people wouldn’t even think of. She has been doing her thing for a while now, but ever since she submitted her entry into the “AltCap Your Biz: Pitch Competition”, (mentioned in the news video earlier in the interview) she hasn’t looked back.

I think her drive and her company’s mission are examples of “more of what the world needs”, and I now know who to hit up if something having to do with accessibility issues happens with my parents, myself, or anyone else I know.

Shine, Black Girl – shine. I hope you all got something meaningful out of this one.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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