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Black Perspectives #02: Ty’Lisha Summers (Entrepreneur & Chemical Engineer)

The Closer

Ty'Lisha on stage at AFROTECH.

I invited Ty’Lisha to share her perspective in this series because I know she approaches all aspects of her life sincerely. Her familial duties, her friendships, her business dealings, and her career. I think it’s part of why she’s been so successful. People know a sincere soul when they meet one.

She naturally does what a lot of people struggle to do each day: Live honestly. And if you ever get the privilege of her company and hear her laugh or sigh, you’ll know that it’s as real as they come.

I genuinely wish Ty’Lisha well as she learns more with each passing day, wins more pitch competitions, and impacts 1,000,000 people (that’s 6-zeroes!) and their financial futures. And I can’t wait to see what impact SpenDebt has on the world at large as the company matures. We need more good businesses like the one she started with her husband.

I hope others enjoyed seeing her thoughts.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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