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Black Perspectives #03: Erik Walker (Electrical Engineer)

The Closer

Erik Walker in a hat declaring his faith.

(Real talk, he looks like Kanye West in the shot above…)

I wanted Erik to participate in this series because I’ve known him for a while now (since like… 2006, I think?) and he’s always been very thorough in his responses. In another life, he maintained his own life and podcast, so I know he doesn’t mind sharing his opinion.

We didn’t have time to get into anything more without this turning into something that he famously refers to as an LDOC (Long Drawn-out Conversation), and I’d have rather avoided that. Still, I think we got to touch on some interesting things and just hear the thoughts of a Black male engineer.

He doesn’t speak for a collective of people at all, but he’s yet another perspective that I hope you all enjoyed seeing a shade of.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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