Elise Brown in brown.

Black Perspectives #04: Elise Brown (FinTech Marketing Director)

The Big Questions

SSD: There are two big questions that I’m asking every interview subject to answer.

First: What does it mean to you to “Be Black” in 2022?

EB: To be Black is an honor, but being Black in America is challenging. It will always be difficult until we have a level playing field. We built America, but we don’t run it. Every day, you know you and everyone that is Black is on edge due to microaggressions that might happen throughout their day or circumstances in which they find themselves at any given time.

Now, more than ever – there is pressure to lay the groundwork, the same as generations that came before me, to create an environment and world where it’s not as difficult for the next generation. That’s why I care so deeply about ensuring that Black America secures positions of power across all industries.

I truly believe in setting boundaries, understanding your worth, and therapy.

Elise Brown

SSD: Ok, moving on to Numero Dos: As a Black Person in America, what’s one thing that you wish other people knew about your daily experiences?

EB: As a Black professional, you often have to work twice as hard and fight for what you know is right (which can take its toll). We are focused on being the best version of ourselves, but we are thinking about other, current and future, Black professionals that your performance may impact.

I truly believe in setting boundaries, understanding your worth, and therapy. To “be the best you can be” takes time, energy, and research. Be kind to yourself and know your “great” is 100% anyway.

Elise stares.

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