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Black Perspectives #04: Elise Brown (FinTech Marketing Director)

The Closer

Elise Brown - a marketer having fun with life.

I invited Elise to share her perspective in this series because I feel like she has an interesting vantage point regarding the pulse of America in general. She doesn’t only see marketing trends and where consumers are directing their attention, but she also sees the flow of capital and – in a way – understands what businesses are betting on for the future.

And she experiences all of that through the lens of a world-traveling Black Woman. Not in a spiritual sense, but a literal sense – Elise is a “global citizen” of the physical planet we all reside in, and she’s a light-spirited connector of people far and wide.

I hope that people take note of her words of encouragement, her guidance, her spirit, and see the places she’s maneuvering toward (AND how she’s maneuvering within them). The first place that a battle of any kind happens is in the mind, and I’m happy to know that Elise is on the front lines of the messaging that influences minds throughout our communities (Black and Non) each day.

Thank you, EB. I hope others found pieces of this discussion fruitful.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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