A black and white image of the musical duo MIDWEST SALOON.

Black Perspectives #05: NAZZZTAE (1/2 of MIDWEST SALOON)

I want to share an interview today featuring one of the halves of the Kansas City, MO-based musical duo MIDWEST SALOON. Partier, Entertainer, Emcee, Communicator – NAZZZTAE shares his thoughts on subjects ranging from his group’s music-to-activism-to-artistry. So, strap in and enjoy this Black Perspective, peeps.

Introducing: NAZZZTAE

SSD: Jumping right in, tell me a bit about yourself. Not the group — but YOU.

NAZZZ: A bit about myself.  I go by the stage name NAZZZTAE.  It’s a combination of my actual name and the word “nasty”.  When I first decided I wanted to do music I needed a name – so, I took, I guess, what I thought and rapped about the most, at the time, (which was sex) and combined it with my name.


Being from Kansas City, Missouri – born and raised – I always thought there was more to me than what I saw most people doing in KC.  My energy seemed to be very different, and my dreams seemed to be untouchable (from where I felt KC was).  I’m just a fun-loving guy who believes time is too precious to waste. There are a lot of things you can get back, but time is not one. So my idea was always to spend as much time as possible doing something I loved to do. That’s where MIDWEST SALOON came up with the motto “Addicted to Kicking It”.

SSD: How does that fit into your life or with your personality in general?

NAZZZ: My whole life is about the party! My energy is on that level, and it’s a part of who I am. That is what I enjoy and until I don’t, I will do it as much as possible. Everybody’s “KICKIN it” is different, but whatever that is for you – do it to the fullest. That’s what being addicted to kicking it is about. I am a very raw passionate and emotional person, so my music comes out that way.

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