A black and white image of the musical duo MIDWEST SALOON.

Black Perspectives #05: NAZZZTAE (1/2 of MIDWEST SALOON)

The Closer

Montae Perkins flipping off the camera.

I invited NAZZZTAE to share his thoughts in this series because I wanted others to see and hear a representative of a voice that shapes Black Culture via a form of art that gets focused on and shared. I also know that his perspective is one that some of my readers just may not be familiar with.

As you can read from his responses, he’s thoughtful and intentional. He has fun creating music for others as part of MIDWEST SALOON – sure – but he’s still involved with the daily issues impacting African Americans, and he expresses his concerns fearlessly in his own way.

I can’t help but respect that, and I hope that you all got something out of the exchange.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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