Head in the clouds.
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Black Perspectives #06: Jessica Kincy (Flight Attendant)

The Closer

An aerial shot of Jessica Kincy relaxing in a pool.

I asked Jessica to participate in this series because I felt she knew a side of American life that many of us who fly on planes (even those of us who do it often) just don’t know. She is an introspective soul who has a job that exposes her to all kinds of people on a regular basis.

She is talented. She is observant. She can write her ass off (and draw and paint, too when she wants). She just happens to be Black, too.

I hope, aside from making you envy her travel log, this chat with her just made the skies feel a little more friendly for whoever happens across it.

Oh, and I’m totally going to be a jerk and expose her website URL, too in hopes that it inspires her to get back to it! JessicaKincy.com, everyone.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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