Ted Hughes standing with his back against a brick wall while he's wearing a blue denim shirt.
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Black Perspectives #07: Ted Hughes (Attorney & Pro Bodybuilder)

The Closer

An old photo of Ted and his daughter.

I invited “Teddy” (that’s what people who know him from way back call him) to share his thoughts in this series because he works at self-improvement earnestly. I used to describe him as a beast to people once I found out he had gone all-in, not only in the realm of law – but also in the space of natural bodybuilding. (As someone who casually lifts weights and used to intern with corporate lawyers writing out policy documentation… I can tell you personally that neither is easy.)

But I realize, in speaking to Ted about his journey, that he’s not a beast at all. He isn’t a “freak of nature” or anything like that. He is simply a disciplined guy who is hyper-focused on pursuing a better version of himself in multiple facets of his life. He knows that he isn’t perfect and he knows that he’s made some mistakes. He carries that weight & literally lifts it above his head each day… And it’s truly an inspiring example to witness.

I hope his words – and, more importantly, his actions – gave everyone a little something extra. Push yourself, folks. Grow. Thrive.

You can do more than you think.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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