Nina Granberry - Real Estate Investor - sitting on a stoop.
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Black Perspectives #09: Nina Granberry (Real Estate Investor)

The Closer

Nina Granberry making an excited expression toward the camera.

I invited Nina to share her perspective in this series because she’s insanely focused & well-measured (anyone who knows me personally knows that that’s a huge statement coming from me). Nina makes me think of that old adage about ducks. You know the one… Where it talks about how on the surface they look super calm and steady – but beneath the water’s surface, their little feet are constantly kicking — never in a steady state. There is something beautiful in the grace with which ducks have us all fooled that they’re just floating by in life — they’re actually constantly working.

So, I chose an image of Nina for this section that I felt best embodied how she probably feels at times while growing and stretching the bounds of who she is and what she knows while on her real estate adventure and transitioning out of the world of teaching. You are on a journey indeed, Nina – and I’m so happy that you choose to share that story with your friends, fans, and onlookers. We are all rooting for you to hit every goal you set.

Nina inspires me – and I’m hoping that maybe her story will inspire a few others to take action on their dreams, too.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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