Artist Demetrius Dawkins shown at the center of a number of his creations.
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Black Perspectives #10: Meechdoodle (Comic Artist & Illustrator)

The Closer

Demetrius Dawkins - Artist

I invited Meech to share his perspective in this series because I respect his talent and work ethic. If you follow him online, you’ll see that he posts new artwork nearly every single day. There is a dedication and focus there that’s admirable, and I honestly would love to see that mindset spread like wildfire through people. I like to think that the productivity and consistent quality of his work is inspiring that sentiment in multitudes of his followers, whether either he or they are aware of it or not.

I have always respected the artistic drive to bring into the world the realm that lives within your mind, heart, and soul. I’m not trying to be poetic or anything with that statement – I mean it. Meech, and others like him, are making something out of nothing each time that they create something from the imagination factory in their heads — and it’s honestly astounding to see.

I would encourage you to follow Meech’s art creations if you’re on Instagram – and check out how he’s progressing in his craft with each new piece he gives to the world (it really is something to see over the long run). If you do follow him, I hope the care that he puts into his art inspires you as you carry on each day in whatever it is that you pursue.

Hopefully, this talk with Meech made a few of you want to revisit the artist that you have inside. Too many of us forget that sentiment as we grow older.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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