Naima next to the logo of her knitted item business, Knits by Naima.
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Black Perspectives #11: Naima Barnes (Financial Planner & Business Owner)

The Big Questions

SSD: There are two big questions that I’m asking every interview subject to answer.

First: What does it mean to you to “Be Black” in 2022?

NB: To me, to be Black means to be unapologetically me, to stand tall on the shoulders of my ancestors and make them proud. While I have always loved and celebrated being Black, it took me a while to realize that my Blackness doesn’t look like what you see on TV.

Being a Black Woman Financial Planner, there are many times that I am the only person who looks like me in the room. I know that there are a lot of people who look like me, who don’t have any or very little financial literacy.

I take great pride in helping those who look like me better understand and become empowered about their finances. Additionally, due to the lack of representation as a knitter/crocheter, I am always authentically myself and celebrate my Blackness.

Succeeding as a Black American is a form of protest…

Naima Barnes

SSD: Ok, moving on to Numero Dos: As a Black Person in America, what’s one thing that you wish other people knew about your daily experiences?

NB: Black people are not a monolith – we don’t all have similar backgrounds or experiences. Succeeding as a Black American is a form of protest because of everything our people have been through.

Sips tea.

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