Naima next to the logo of her knitted item business, Knits by Naima.
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Black Perspectives #11: Naima Barnes (Financial Planner & Business Owner)

The Closer

Queen Naima.

I invited “Nayma” (that’s what I call her) to share her perspective in this series because she sees the dirty laundry that a lot of people don’t like to talk about: Their finances. But, she doesn’t judge. She’s a people person who respects the identities that others have just as much as she values her own.

Like I said at the beginning of this post – she works hard, plays hard, and “finds joy regardless”. Regardless of whoever is trying to bring her down; the perceptions others may bring to the table; however many people she has to coach along the way; or how many hours she may sit at her Knits by Naima booth selling her merchandise. And so on. She WILL find her joy & she’s willing to invest in what it takes to achieve it personally.

Naima is one of those people I describe as “a joy”, and I just think it’s because I’ve genuinely learned a lot about living in general from watching her face her everyday ups and downs, professional happenings, and business journey — even though she’s younger than me. She receives it all with a grace many don’t have.

You have to put good people in your circles, and I’m glad Naima just happened into one of mine. Even more so after getting to do this interview with her. I hope others took something away from her perspective, and PLEASE heed what she’s saying about your finances.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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