Antoine Butler riding a motorcycle across the screen on a cloudy day.
Cover Image © Antoine Butler

Black Perspectives #12: Antoine Butler (Web Developer)

The Big Questions

SSD: There are two big questions that I’m asking every interview subject to answer.

First: What does it mean to you to “Be Black” in 2022?

AB: Ironic I volunteer for a task that immediately involves answering a question I hate. I try obsessively to not define “Black.” By extension, perhaps that’s what being Black is these days? Being “your most entire self” regardless of internal or external cultural expectations.

Whether in my personal or professional life, what being Black is to me – is memorializing my culture and history in whatever way I see fit. To stop code-switching and worrying about what anyone else thinks. To celebrate those that succeed in their space without conforming. And most importantly, support my kids in doing the same.

SSD: Ok, moving on to Numero Dos: As a Black Person in America, what’s one thing that you wish other people knew about your daily experiences?

AB: Not applicable. There’s nothing I want people to know. If only because I don’t have [the] emotional bandwidth or desire to discuss it in detail.

I guess that’s the “thing.”

That I’m tired.

Tired of being tired. Tired of having to explain being tired. And so, I choose joy by spending time with people who energize me fully and, by extension, avoid most everybody else.

Antoine staring.

Sharing is Caring
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