Antoine Butler riding a motorcycle across the screen on a cloudy day.
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Black Perspectives #12: Antoine Butler (Web Developer)

The Closer

Antoine Butler - in the end, it's about joy.

I invited Antoine to share his perspective in this series because I feel like he expresses his views uniquely on familiar subjects (for some), and that always causes new bursts of thought to fire off in our minds. And that’s the whole point of this series — it’s to inspire and celebrate the range of Black Perspectives out there.

I want people to see Antoine and realize that you can be clever, smart, expressive, sarcastic, thoughtful, fit, and adventurous and STILL be into tech & hip-hop. You can rock a suit, be into CrossFit, ride motorcycles, camp, drink, flash a mean mug (he mugged y’all for pretty much the entire post 😁), or smile (as he finally decided to do in the end picture here) and still be Black however YOU decide to be. Not based on what society tells you it is!

That. Is. The. Point.

If anything, I hope that Antoine’s perspective just provided peeps with a bit of mental ammo to live outside the lines a little. Define your own space & choose joy. Stop pre-defining yourself.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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