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Black Perspectives #18: Courtney Pauley (RN – Labor & Delivery)

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Courtney dressed for a gala.

I invited Courtney to share her perspective in this series because I was hoping for an informed honest Black perspective on aspects of the field of nursing. Seriously – that was it. I rolled those dice with Courtney because I know her husband (who I also went to school with — I hung around him a little bit more) drops thoughtful gems on social media every now and then, and I thought, “Hell – no way Courtney doesn’t have an equally sharp mind about her field.”


This interview was an EYE-OPENER to so much that I didn’t know. I mean, seriously – I’ve never had a kid, so I never looked into anything related to maternity or those who care for expectant mothers. Even the mentions Courtney gave to aspects of Black History tied to medical practices in the U.S., approaches to care, and various points of research on a few subjects exposed me to a lot that I just didn’t know (I linked to things throughout the discussion, so check those out if you’re curious).

THIS interview embodies yet another aim of this series in my mind. I want people to not only see Black Excellence on display and what’s possible for them (if they’re Black) that they may have never even considered — I also want them to learn new things. With every new detail we take in throughout our lives, we broaden our horizons and inadvertently make the world around us a more empathetic place.

Courtney, I already said thanks for the time you put into this interview — but it’s worth a second mention: Thank YOU for all that you shared so candidly throughout this process. I hope others appreciated the candor as well, and that moms-to-be look into hiring a doula 😏

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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