Adam Williams - owner of the Dreams Don't Expire streetwear clothing brand - sitting in a dark void.
Cover Image © Adam Williams/Dreams Don't Expire

Black Perspectives #19: Adam Williams (Streetwear Brand Owner & Designer)

He described himself as “an actual run-on sentence” while interviewing, but I describe today’s interview subject – Adam Williams – as a hardworking creator. I have known him since our school days, and I’ve seen his brand, Dreams Don’t Expire (D2E), grow from an idea to reality. Let’s jump to today’s Black Perspective.

Introducing: Adam Williams

SSD: Jumping right in, tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

AW: I identify myself as a Dreamer a Multidisciplinary Designer and owner of a streetwear brand and I work as a Graphic Artist in TV/Film Production.

Dreams Don't Expire Creator and Owner - Adam Williams.

SSD: What inspired you to get into what you’re doing?

AW: What inspired me to get into having a brand started in HS actually. Clothing has always been something I was into, but the only people I knew who had clothing lines were famous people. Rappers like Jay Z, Diddy, and Nelly…

(Man, we’re old – LOL! But, anyway…)

I figured I would get famous first, [and] then that’s how I’ll get my brand. I’m not famous, but once I moved to ATL I was inspired by the culture here. There were already people doing it. I never knew that was possible – and friends of mine would encourage me to do it, too.

One day, I had a dream [and literally] saw a logo in my head. [I] made a shirt, wore it to a Jay Z concert ironically enough, and got a compliment as I was leaving the restroom – LOL! From there I knew it was something I really wanted to do.

SSD: What do you hope to accomplish as you continue pursuing work with your brand?

AW: I hope to grow my brand to big business and really stamp myself in the game.

SSD: What’s a tip that you’d give someone who sees you, is inspired, and wants to follow in your footsteps?

AW: A tip I would give to another person who sees me and is inspired is… Do that shit.

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