Adam Williams - owner of the Dreams Don't Expire streetwear clothing brand - sitting in a dark void.
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Black Perspectives #19: Adam Williams (Streetwear Brand Owner & Designer)

The Closer

Adam Williams - suited up looking like he's ready to go to an award show.

I invited Adam to share his perspective in this series because I have witnessed his grind for years. The logo he talks about for iAdambomb? I remember seeing that logo. When he says that he only wore his stuff for years — he’s not lying. I remember seeing tons of photos of him just doing daily activities in his own apparel. The dude works.

I chose the final image for this section to make an important point. Adam is a smart and driven individual. He has created something that provides not only for him and his family – but for others. Some may see his name tied to “streetwear” and have discussions with him and form unfounded conclusions. It happens to a lot of “us” — it’s part of the Black Experience in America sometimes. But, don’t forget that the same dude who is bringing you all of that – which some may stereotype – can also present himself as you see above. Both versions, the street or the suited, should be treated with dignity. And I mean that pertaining to all people, not just Adam.

My man is living his dream and exercising his choices daily. He should have room and respect to do that and grow. He has put in more work than some people can ever even fathom, and he’s just getting started. I hope people are able to roll with that.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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