An artistic representation of Andrea (Drea) Gordon.
Cover Image courtesy of Andrea Gordon

Black Perspectives #20: Andrea Gordon (Creative & Media Polymath)

Sometimes… You have to brag on family. My little cousin, Andrea Gordon, has impressed me doin’ her thing for years. Whether she’s on the grind photographing clients, promoting or recording events, or directing/producing for TV (you read that right). Although she’s only 23, we all can learn a bit from her Black Perspective.

Introducing: Andrea “Drea” Gordon

SSD: Jumping right in, tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

DREA: In my own words I’d describe myself as a unicorn. Identifiable as a Goat under pressure. Drea TWO TIMES (if it wasn’t done by me, you’re probably gonna’ have to get it done two times). But, in all seriousness, I was born “Andrea Gordon” – and eventually molded into “Drea” as time went by.

I picked up the nickname when I transferred to another high school (I hated the way certain people mispronounced my name), but the name became more than that. Little did I know that Drea would be a large part of establishing my brand. Who I wanted the world to view me as.

Creator/Director/Producer, Andrea (Drea) Gordon, on the set of She's So Funny.

Drea was the creative mind that wouldn’t conform to a surrounding society. Drea was the one with the ideas. In the professional world, Drea is who you can call to help see a project through from start to finish. But most importantly, I feel like Drea was willing to take the big risk understanding that progress won’t come if you hide behind fear.

SSD: What inspired you to get into what you’re doing?

DREA: I’ve been involved in the arts my entire life. From playing and writing music, poetry, etc. But, at some point between elementary and middle school, I felt my ambitions shift due to accessibility as well as having my personal vision shift.

Fast forward to my Junior year in High School during my time in the broadcast journalism program — I found myself around more and more tech. I happened to do really well and found myself wanting to attend the National Journalism Conference. However, like most students whose parents were able to move them from the inner-city, it didn’t guarantee that I had “suburban funds”.

So, unlike most students whose parents could write them a check for a couple grand, mine weren’t going for it. “You want something, you work for it;” something instilled in me at a young age. So, I did some of the fundraiser opportunities [out there] like working the [Kansas City] Chiefs games and concerts that year — hauling wheelchairs (which felt like slave work, if I’m being honest)…

I ended up still being short by A LOT.

So, I came up with this idea to shoot, edit, and burn DVDs for the graduating class of 2015. After going through a drawn-out approval process, the final “yes” was given and I got to work. Upon completing the project I learned that production is definitely hard work but to…

  1. Be able to live an important moment.
  2. Be the one to document and re-create the story in post.
  3. Make a nice coin while having such a large and important impact.

…Let me know that I wanted this for the rest of my life.

Andrea holding one of her favorite creative tools -- a camera.

SSD: What do you hope to eventually accomplish as you continue on in your field?

DREA: My only goal, simply put. is to “die empty”. I feel like my main purpose on this side of Heaven is to be a servant to others. This may look different every day, but if I can make/have a positive impact in some way then I feel like I’ve done my part.

Building a successful and meaningful business, creating and establishing generational wealth for my family, and lastly creating more outlets for those at a disadvantage.

SSD: Ok, that’s the long-term game plan. Let’s bring it in a little closer.

Fast forward 5 years – you’re still doing something along the lines of what you do now. What do you hope you’ve accomplished over those 5 years?

DREA: In five years I hope to have produced my own stageplay, short series, as well as have either a feature or short film in production. Financially, I’d like to be more than stable. I hope to be in a position to fully pursue my philanthropic aspirations. I’d like to have established 7 steady streams of passive income and have started businesses for my nieces and nephews. I’d also like to own a few franchises and put them in my family’s name.

Personally, I pray that I am at peace with myself and the decisions I’ve made at that point in life. I know I’ll experience my fair share of hell on earth between now and then, but to come out on the other side and still have a good heart, passion for what I do, and have my joy — I think that’ll be enough to call it good.

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