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Black Perspectives #20: Andrea Gordon (Creative & Media Polymath)

The Closer

Andrea (Drea) Gordon happily doing what she loves best.

I invited Drea to share her perspective in this series because… How do I explain it?

Look — Watch the first few minutes of this video of her launching her new Podcast/YouTube Channel. Witness her energy and passion for yourself… Just for a little while. And then come back to what I’m writing as my closer on her interview.

Twenty-three. She works harder than people I know twice her age. Always has. Haha – and I’m pretty sure she’s going to be outearning me (if she isn’t already) VERY soon.

Cuzzo, I am proud of you and the creative young woman I’ve seen you become. Shine. I know it’s not always the happiest of times, but you push through — you direct that energy properly into something positive, and you make a way. You have a good head on your shoulders, a heart of gold, and you come from good stock. NEVER forget who you are. NEVER forget what you came here to do. NEVER lose faith in something higher than you. If you stumble (which you may – the path to the top is littered with pitfalls), family will be there for you. Let me know when your stageplay drops so I can buy a ticket and get to the show (no matter the continent it’s taking place on).

I hope you all got something from Drea’s perspective today.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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