Dwynn Evans being 'the only' in a Zoom meeting.
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Black Perspectives #22: Dwynn Evans (Product Manager & Food/Travel Blogger)

The Closer

She's a Chiefs Fan.

I invited Dwynn to share her thoughts in this series because of her confidence in her skills and advocacy for Black Women in her field. I have seen her growth over the years from afar as I’m no longer in Kansas City myself (what can I say, I creep my friends on Facebook every now and then – LOL), and I’ve also seen her speak in her current company’s YouTube videos while researching her a bit for this interview. She has a seat at the leadership table there and she uses that platform well.

Beyond that, I didn’t know ANYTHING about her food blog – so I was geeked a bit when I learned about that portion of her life via a random search on Google. Just goes to show that you never fully know people and that the interesting smart ones will always surprise you.

Dwynn has always been pretty chill, and I was excited to see that she was up for this interview when I randomly hit her up asking if she’d be interested in contributing her perspective. I look forward to seeing what she does next.

I hope people took a few nuggets away from this one.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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