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Black Perspectives #23: Christopher Carr (Associate Dean & Chief Diversity Officer)

The Closer

Christopher Carr standing in front of a famous building.

I invited Chris (that’s what we called him back in school) to share his perspective in this series because I feel like he’s on the front lines of what this entire series is, in a way, trying to accomplish. He helps break barriers down between people and expose them to various truths and vantage points. It is literally a part of his job to do so.

Although we’re connected on LinkedIn, Chris and I actually hadn’t spoken in a few years (Life & Distance, people). I still remembered him and everything – but it was when I was leaving the D.C. area, for my move to the West, that a mutual friend of ours invited me to an event and mentioned Chris. At that moment he jumped back into the forefront of my mind. And wouldn’t you know it? Suddenly LinkedIn started populating my feed with updates from him, too (OUR PHONES HEAR EVERYTHING).

I thought about this project shortly after – saw what he currently did professionally – and reached out. Like the cool guy he is, he accepted – and that’s how we ended up with the magic above.

I tell you that story because it illustrates two things: 1) It shows that Chris is a great guy who remembered me from our days back in college and kindly opened his busy schedule for this blog. He genuinely supports others. 2) It shows that this man is a communicator who willingly offers his good vibes to the world. The personal growth and passion, related to his work, show in his responses. That said, I hope that something he shared with us today resonated with a part of you. Sincere energy has a way of doing that.

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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