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Black Perspectives #24: Terry Hemmitt (United States Air Force)

The Closer

Terry and his kids.

I sought out the opinion of someone in our military in this series because I feel like it’s important to know that our servicemen and women are still our brothers and sisters in life (bet you thought I was going to say “the struggle” there, didn’t you?). I genuinely think we (spoken as a collective “We” — big “W”) forget that.

I was happy Terry got the approval from proper channels and had the time to do this interview – because I’ve always felt like he was an earnest guy. Back in the day, he did EVERYTHING with gusto, and it looks like he’s carried that into his chosen path in life. I picked the images that I did for the closing of his spotlight because that’s the guy who I see now on social media, and I think those two adorable humans play a HUGE part in his “why” that he mentioned earlier.

Aside from his wise words and perspective, I hope that people take away that those who have chosen to potentially risk it all for us have lives, too. Regardless of their race, they sacrifice things that many of us never would – and they’re dedicated to something larger than themselves. I think Terry has been enlisted a little 16 years as of the time of this writing, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. I genuinely do respect and thank him for his service… But I also think it’s frickin’ sweet that I get to let him know that I appreciate his friendship and the fact that – even though he’s ranked as highly as he is in his branch of the U.S. Military – he’s still not too important to take a second for things like this and share his reflections.

I wish him, and others making his sacrifice on a daily basis, nothing but the best of luck in all that he does. The kiddos look happy and he does, too — “Keep thriving, Terry.”

Peace, and thanks for reading.

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