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Black Perspectives #25: Sasha V (Artist & Jewelry Designer)

I was lucky enough to go to school with some genuine success stories. I am happy for all of them – but it’s the ones that I admired and followed from afar that I feel most inspired by. I have talked to a number of those inspiring people in this Black Perspective series, and today’s interview subject – Sasha V – is no exception.

Introducing: Sasha V

SSD: Jumping right in, tell me a bit about yourself and what you do.

SV: I identify as an artist. A lot of my days are bombarded with business efforts and marketing of my art- but at my core– I’m an artist. It’s complex to explain, but ultimately I transform what I see in the world into inanimate objects. I try to capture moments of joy, pain, beauty, and excess and create them into tangible items that one can wear.

Sasha V

SSD: What inspired you to get into what you’re doing?

SV: There were so many inspirations, but if I dig way back it was my family. I come from a wildly creative family whose talents were often unrealized due to not having the means to support creative ventures. I come from a family of artists, painters, designers, and just overall expressive and free-spirited folks.

When I was younger I didn’t see that as anything more than just who we were, but as I got older, I saw that we were unique and different. Watching my aunts and uncles and mom be in this world, unapologetically, just led me to think I could do anything.

I thought I was going to study English, but after the sudden death of my aunt in high school, I switched gears. She was a painter, and she left me a painting that I have to this day. It is a tiny canvas that reads: “Fear Is itself.” Do you know that I am still trying to unpack that? Well, anyways, after her death, I wanted to use her as a springboard for my future.

I turned to the arts and never looked back

Oftentimes we see an image of someone or follow them online and think we want to reflect their lifestyle without truly knowing what they’ve done to get there.

Sasha V

SSD: What’s a tip that you’d give someone who sees you, is inspired, and wants to follow in your footsteps?

SV: Don’t. Jk jk.

I think mentorship is key. Oftentimes we see an image of someone or follow them online and think we want to reflect their lifestyle without truly knowing what they’ve done to get there. Following in my footsteps would mean sacrificing a LOT. Giving up life as we think it’s supposed to be and really stepping out to the knee-wobbling edge. I could only navigate someone through that with true mentorship.

Don’t watch what I do and try to follow. Please, by all means, talk to the people you look up to. Most often, the internal journey is much different than you’d ever expect.

SSD: What do you hope to accomplish as you continue pursuing work with your brand?

SV: My measurement of success is comfortability. Being able to show up in spaces fully confident. The ability to afford a life of abundance. Not necessarily material things, but happiness, fearlessness, and just living.

When I started 6 years ago, my goal was to be able to afford to send my niece to college. Today, it’s just so much more than the money. I want to thrive as an independent designer and I want to feel happy doing it. That’s kind of enough for me.

Sasha having a meal.

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